Pure Zone at the EAORL-HNS convention in Nice

After Mannheim in 2009, Nice welcomes the 2nd Meeting of European Academy of ORL and Head & Neck Surgery at the Acropolis Congress Centre 27 to 30 April 2013.

The format of the EAORL-HNS meeting is mainly designed to bring up-to-date the therapeutic skills of participants through direct exposure to the “best methods” of daily clinical practice in otology, neuro-otology, rhinology, facial plastic surgery, laryngology, head and neck surgery, audiology, phoniatry, Allergy… including all subspecialties adjacent to the ORL field.

With over 3000 attendees EAORL-HNS 2013 has becomes the most important international congress of its kind.

The press conference hosted by Christian ESTROSI, Mayor and Member of Parliament, jointly with Pr Jacques Magnan, Chairman of the 2nd EAORL-HNS & CEORL and Dr Frédéric BRACCINI was held in association with HEXIS and its “Pure Zone” label.

For HEXIS the congress was an opportunity to promote the “Pure Zone” antimicrobial solution in front of a large international panel of experts if the field of EAORL-HNS.

“Pure Zone” is the most efficient solution for the patient areas where hygiene is of prime importance. The self-adhesive antimicrobial film continuously protects surfaces by inhibiting bacterial growth and thus neutralising microbes.


Pilot project in French day-nursery

HEXIS announces a new pilot project for the use of its anti-microbial film in a partnership with the Petit-Prince-Nursery of Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque in the French Pyrenees.

The project was inaugurated under the auspices of the town’s mayor and member of parliament, Fernand Siré, and Hexis president Michel Mateu.

The installation of the film in the nursery is a unique opportunity to show how the immediate quality of life and the hygienic conditions for  the children and the staff can be improved and made safer.

What does HEXIS Health PVC film do?

It inhibits growth of microbes, including commonly found bacteria, at more than 90% according to tests carried out under lab conditions. The film can easily be applied and removed on a large variety of surfaces such as tables, counters, doors etc.

The film effectively controls spread of microbes all day long, day in and day out, without the need for maintenance or special cleaning. Due to the properties of the antimicrobial agent in HEXIS Health film there is no wear-off of the protective function over the whole life span of the film thus providing continuous protection over many years.

HEXIS antimicrobial film install

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Bayonne chooses the HEXIS Health antimicrobial PVC film to protect its hospital.

Hexis has recently started a pilot project to install antimicrobial PVC film in le centre hospitalier de la côte basque, a regional hospital situated in Bayonne (South West France). A global solution of printable ecological film with antimicrobial protection has been fitted to doors within both the hospital’s Pediatric department and games room.

Indeed, this particular pilot project has proven to be doubly advantageous for the Pediatric department.  Images of Mickey Mouse and other characters have been digitally printed onto eco-friendly PVC film in order to brighten up the environment for the hospital’s younger patients. Hexis films has been add to over 50 doors, in order to give extra protection against Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs).

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Alès, first hospital in France labelled HQE

The hospital of Alès is the first in France to open its doors with the label HQE (high environmental quality).

The ultra-modern hospital is equipped with a large number of high tech apparatuses is able to limit the energy impact on the environment by widely using renewable energies. Everything is designed to guarantee optimum comfort for the patient. In particular, each room is equipped with multimedia touch screens to control with a few clicks the access to a large number of services (make phone calls, select a television channel, surf the internet). Thus the screens used by the patient, family and medical staff are protected by Hexis Health film without affecting their practical use. The Hexis Health solution brings additional benefits for the hospital hygiene creating a safer environment for the patient.

The hospital and Hexis Health are carrying out a feasibility study.

You will find further information about this hospital by clicking on this link: CH Alès